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Food Connection, at 10pm we will have 25 leftover portions at Pack’s Tavern
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Curb Hunger With a Curbside Donation

Food Connection collects surplus food from restaurants and caterers in Asheville and delivers the food to those who will enjoy it in order to reduce food waste and ease the pain of immediate hunger. Show More

Keeping good food from going to waste!

Restaurants and caterers often prepare food they don’t end up serving to customers. Maybe it’s a tray of pasta that only a few customers ordered or a platter of sandwiches that wasn’t served. Food Connection picks up that food and delivers it to local organizations or agencies that provide meals for those in need in our community. The food donations are coordinated through Dig Local in connection with Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, Asheville Taxi, and local non-profits.

How does It work?

  • Donors submit an application which our team will review. Once approved, Food Connections can begin right away.
  • Following the North Carolina Food Safety Guidelines donors place the food (minimum of 18 portions) in a disposable tray, wrap it and label it with donor name, location, a description of the item, and the date and time it was packaged.
  • Donors send a text message to the Food Connection hotline, and Asheville Taxi comes to pick up the food within 30 minutes.

What about liability?

State and federal laws protect organizations from liability whenever they donate food they believe to be safe. Good faith food donors are not subject to civil and criminal liability should the product later cause harm to its recipient.

Learn more about the federal Good Samaritan law

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